Constitution of the Brunel University Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS)

1. Name and Definitions

1.1 The name of the Society shall be the Brunel University Association of British And Chinese University Students, hereafter called ABACUS.

1.2 The term University shall refer to Brunel University and other Further Education institutions located within the city of Uxbridge.

1.3 The term member shall be a general term referring to all paid up and honorary members.

1.4 The term resident member shall refer to all members who are studying or conducting research at the University (as defined in 1.2. above) and those employed by it.

1.5 The term founder member shall refer to the original members of ABACUS at the time of its registration.

1.6 The Chair shall either be the President or his/her nominee who shall be a member of the Executive Committee or a founder member.

1.7 The third party will be referred to in the masculine and refers to either gender as and when appropriate.

2. Aims and Objectives

ABACUS shall seek to further the integration and promotion of the affairs of the Chinese Community in Britain.

These aims will be achieved by: –

(a) Increasing awareness of the presence of Chinese within British Society.
(b) Promotion of the Chinese culture within Britain and the integration of these two cultures.
(c) Increasing the social interactions of Chinese and non-Chinese alike.
(d) Removing unfair stereotypes and any barriers the Chinese themselves create.
(e) To work towards increasing equality of opportunities.
(f) To form links between groups of similar objectives – to communicate with them and exchange information.
(g) The provision of a support network.
(h) The provision of a social network.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership of the Society is open to all members of Brunel University and any other organisations or persons who apply to the Executive Committee for membership. The Executive Committee shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of disability, nationality, political views, sex, sexuality, race or religion.

3.2 All members of ABACUS will have equal access to society events and general society information. Please refer to General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings for rights of attendance of meetings and eligibility of candidature of Executive posts.
3.3 There shall be a non-refundable (life and annual) membership fee which shall be fixed by the Executive Committee. Membership is conditional on any outstanding fees being paid.

3.4 The Executive Committee shall have the right to offer membership to any organisations or persons it sees fit.

3.5 By a majority decision of the Executive Committee, it may expel or suspend any member for behaviour likely to bring the Society into disrepute, provided the member concerned has had the right to be heard by the Executive Committee before the final decision is made.

4. Executive Committee

4.1 The policy and general management of the affairs of the Society shall be directed by the Executive Committee, which shall consist of a core of President, Secretary and Treasurer and a non-core of Education Officer, Social- affairs Officer and External Officer.

4.2 All Executive Committee members are obliged to attend all Executive and General meetings.

4.3 Individual Responsibilities of Executive Committee members in addition to those associated with the general work required for the running of a society:


(a) The President shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Ensure that the aims of the constitution are addressed.
ii. Shall be answerable to the members for all matters affecting the society.
iii. Overall co-ordination of the society.
iv. Shall liase with Executive Committee members and ensure that all society members are aware of all issues relevant to them and be personally aware of all matters.
v. Spokesperson of the society (with aid of relevant Executive Committee members).
vi. Shall attend all official Committee meetings.
vii. Shall be Chair of all Executive Committee meetings.

(b) The Secretary shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Shall ensure (along with the President) that all members are kept fully briefed on all matters affecting the society.
ii. Shall ensure that the society’s files are up to date and shall record and archive all official society meeting minutes, have records of all non core society meeting minutes and policy documents.
iii. Shall update the society constitution when necessary.
iv. Shall maintain an up to date membership list and will liase with the Treasurer to address membership issues.
v. Shall co-ordinate the society newsletter.
vi. Shall co-ordinate the booking of rooms and by liasing with the Executive Committee, be aware of all society activities.
vii. Shall be responsible for meeting minute circulation.

(c) The Treasurer shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Shall be ultimately responsible for the society finances and will have power of veto over all financial affairs.
ii. Shall be responsible for payments and collections of monies owing to or owed by the society.
iii. Shall be responsible for the collection of subscription fees. The Treasurer shall keep up to date records of membership payment and shall inform the Secretary of amendments when appropriate.
iv. Shall be responsible for co-ordinating all sponsorship and funding activities.
v. Shall be a co-signatory with the President, for all society cheques.
vi. Shall advise and make recommendations at Executive Committee and general meetings of financial implications of proposals and decisions.
vii. Shall make details of the accounts available to the President or Secretary within a reasonable time after a request to do so.
viii. Shall ensure that the accounts are audited annually and shall present audited accounts (if appropriate) at the AGM.


(d) The External Officer shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Shall be responsible for the co-ordination of all external affairs.
ii. Shall be responsible for the forging of links with organisations, bodies and agencies which will help in achieving the aims and objectives of the society.
iii. Shall maintain contact with the society’s Alumni. Shall, with the aid of the Secretary, produce annual newsletters and ensure that the Alumni are aware of the society’s events. In particular, ensure that the relevant correspondence is sent.

(e) The Publicity Officer shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Ensure that the society’s aims are sufficiently publicised so that the Executive Committee can work effectively towards these goals.
ii. Responsible for publicising the society’s events to members, those interested in ABACUS, societies and other relevant parties by use of e-mailing lists, poster campaigns or other appropriate methods.
iii. Shall also communicate to members notices which may be of interest to members but do not necessarily affect the society.
iv. Shall co-ordinate the regular maintenance of the society’s website.

(f) The Entertainment Officer shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

i. Responsible for the organisation and execution of the society’s social, cultural and sporting calendar.
ii. Ensure, with guidance from the President, that the society’s calendar presents a balanced mix of events that address the aims of the society.
iii. He shall liase with the Treasurer to consider projected costs of events, projected revenue and ‘break even’ points.